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Throughout the year, we host or support a range of special events. These are announced on our Blog, listed on our Calendar, and announced through our Newsletter, so keep an eye on those!

Typical special events include the following:

  • All Tied Up: We hold a few of these events throughout the year. It’s a chance to meet the local rope community, see all kinds of rope work, and even get tied up.
  • Torture Garden: This is a special event hosted by Fallout twice a year. It’s a chance to explore a variety of kinky activities. We always run the “rope arena” during the event, but there are also chances to see or experience needle play, impact play, violet wands, vacuum beds, boot-blacking, liquid nitrogen, fire-cupping, and more.
  • Guest Presenters & Intensives: When possible, we bring in guest presenters for Rope Bite meetings or to host one or two-day workshops and private lessons.