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Rope Bite is a safe and welcoming place for those who are interested in rope bondage to explore, learn, practice, innovate, and share their collective knowledge about rope in a social, non-judgmental environment.

Meets Regularly, Upcoming Events on Calendar
Meets at Fallout (Richmond, VA)
Free Admission, Cost of Food/Drink

Questions? Check the FAQ or Contact Us!

Rope Bite offerings fall into two general categories:

  1. Instructional: At these events, an instructor offers a demonstration or instruction on a particular topic, like rope conditioning or body mechanics in rope. Instructional events also include our “station rotation” events, where we cover concepts related to a specific type of tie, like ladder ties or chest harnesses, and where we break out into smaller groups to show and discuss particular versions or variations of that tie. We also attempt to offer a Rope 101 introductory class for those brand new to rope, and we tend to cover things like how the group functions and how to get started doing rope, including teaching some beginner-friendly ties.
  2. Open Tie: These events function as “lab time” where folks can get together and tie with others outside of any kind of structured offering. This is a great time to work on skills that you’ve been practicing and collaborate with others on solving challenges you might be facing in rope. For those planning to work on suspension, please review the suspension guidelines prior to attending.

We primarily consider ourselves a social skill-share and practice group that actively solicits peer sharing and learning while still respecting and welcoming those who would prefer to practice on their own or just observe. All levels of experience and approaches to rope are welcome at our meetings. You can come alone or with friends or partners. You can watch, self-tie, tie, or be tied. Or you can just come to meet and hang out with local rope enthusiasts. Informal guidance for beginners is available at most meetings.