RVA Rope works in cooperation with Rope Study to provide in-person instruction and online support materials to promote risk-aware rope bondage education for tops and bottoms.

Please update your bookmarks and visit RopeStudy.com to access our educational materials. Thank you!

Rope Study provides free online workshops for:

They also provide in-person instruction for:

  • Rope 201: Fundamentals of Natural-Fiber Rope Bondage
  • Rope 301: Fundamentals of Natural-Fiber Partial Suspension
  • Rope 401: Fundamentals of Natural-Fiber Full Suspension
Rope Study is in the process of building their new site in order to provide a more focused and intuitive online learning experience. Content there may be slim for now, but they are working on rebuilding daily. In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to contact RVA Rope or Rope Study directly for assistance.