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Rope Bite

Rope Bite is a safe and welcoming place for those who are interested in rope bondage to explore, learn, practice, innovate, and share their collective knowledge about rope in a non-judgmental environment.

Rope Bite meets regularly (usually on Thursday evenings) at Fallout in downtown Richmond to provide a place for local rope bondage enthusiasts to socialize, practice, and share their skills.

While we do offer direct instructions at some meetings, we primarily consider ourselves a social skill-share and practice group. All levels of experience and approaches to rope are welcome at our meetings. You can come alone or with friends or partners. You can watch, self-tie, tie, or be tied. Or you can just come to meet and hang out with local rope enthusiasts.

We model ourselves after the founding principles of Rope Bite International, which are:

  • focus on rope bondage
  • inclusive and open to all
  • part of the larger community (not in place of or in competition with)
  • non-political (actively avoiding community drama or group politics)
  • meetings range from food and talk to hands-on practice to education

Rope Lab

Rope Lab is an advanced practice and skill share opportunity where experienced rope practitioners can come together to work with and learn from each other in a private space.

Rope Lab meetings do not follow a regular schedule, so be sure to check the site or follow us on Fetlife or Twitter to upcoming dates. Also, we charge $5 per participant at Rope Lab to cover the costs of the space.

Please note that there is no formal instruction at Rope Lab nor are there official DMs. Rope Lab is not a play party, but is intended as an opportunity for serious practice in a shared space.

Rope Lab is held in a private loft, so we do not list the address publicly. If you RSVP on Fetlife or send us a message through the site, we will provide further details.

The loft will have nine straps available as anchor points. You are expected to bring your own suspension hardware if you plan to practice suspension. You are also encourage to bring a mat, pad, blanket, or pillow (the floors are hardwood) and to bring any drinks or snacks you may want. (A refrigerator and small kitchen area is available for use.)

Because of the private location, nudity is allowed once inside. However, in keeping with the purpose, remember that the focus is on practice, not play.

Rope Study

Rope Study provides in-person instruction and online support materials to promote risk-aware rope bondage education for tops and bottoms.

We are in the process of moving the Rope Study section of this site to provide a more focused and intuitive online learning experience. We will keep the original content available on this site until the new site is completed. During the transition, links to content will still work, and visitors can still access our original courses through the links below.

Already have an account on this site and need to access Rope Study content? Use the link below to log in and access your courses.

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Queer/Femme Rope Share

Queer/Femme Rope Share is a skill share event for anyone who identifies as a member of the LGBT+ community, with a special focus on creating a welcoming space for nonbinary, feminine-spectrum, and trans-feminine individuals. The goal of the event is to provide a positive, affirming space for individuals from that community to come together, share, and practice rope.

Queer Rope Share meets one a month at a private location.

We ask that all participants make a $5 donation to cover the cost of the event space, if they are able. If not, please don’t let the fee keep you from attending.

Vetting is required to attend this event! Please contact Alina (RVARope Board member) or Shaybert to be vetted for this event.

If you have questions, please get in touch!