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Munches are casual gatherings of people with a shared interest in rope and an opportunity to discuss, ask questions, and build community.

Meets Regularly (often at the same time as an open tie), Upcoming Events on Calendar
Meets at Fallout (Richmond, VA)
Free Admission, Cost of Food/Drink

Questions? Check the FAQ or Contact Us!

Munches are a great way to meet and get to know folks, for people new to rope to ask questions and hear from those with more experience, and generally to just chat about rope and related topics and to build community. Some munches will cover a particular topic or have a specific theme, while others are more about chatting and answering questions people might have, whether they be about negotiation (“how do I find reputable tops in the area?”) or risk (“how can I know that I’m not being harmed in a tie?”) or anything else (“where did you get that colored rope?!”).

Bottoms munches are for people who bottom for rope, who switch, or who are just generally interested in aspects related to being tied in rope. Discussions might include topics such as specific skills related to bottoming in rope, how to know if the person you plan to tie with is trustworthy, differences in experiences based on intention, and many other topics.

Tops munches are for those who tie or are interested in tying, or for those who switch. Topics might include how to negotiate a particular type of scene, the decision making process involved in deciding to tie with someone, or how to construct that particular knot that seems just out of reach. Tops munches are also an excellent opportunity to become known within the community and for building rapport with others.

Self-tiers and switches should feel welcome at either type of event.