Rope + More is our catch-all category for the rope-related meetings and activities that aren’t Rope Bite or Rope Study. These include rope lab meetups, special events and intensives, and topics such as self-tying and acro-shibari.

Upcoming Rope + More Events


23oct6:30 pm9:00 pmAcro Rope + More6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Fallout, 117 N 18th St, Richmond, VA 23223


13nov6:30 pm9:00 pmAcro Rope + More6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Fallout, 117 N 18th St, Richmond, VA 23223

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Meetings that fall in the Rope + More category may not have a regular schedule, so watch the site (or the announcements through Fetlife or Twitter) carefully to make sure you don’t miss one!

Rope + More meetings tend to be of the “skill-share and practice” variety, meaning that there is little direct instruction. That said, all levels of experience and approaches to rope are welcome at these meetings, and there is usually someone present who will be able to help you if you’re wanting to learn a new skill. Some activities are more dependent on a practice partner than others, and some require specific materials, so be sure to read event descriptions carefully.

Currently, Rope + More offerings fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Self-Tying (aka “Top-Less Tying”) – for people who want to share their self-tying experience and skills
  • Acro-Shibari – for those looking to combine rope with acro-yoga or other athletic activities (like lyra, silks, etc.)
  • Rope 101 – a regular meeting designed specifically to help those new to rope get some basic skills
  • Rope Lab – a regular meeting for experienced practitioners to practice, share tips and skills, and solve challenges together
  • Special Events – occasional rope-related events, guest presenters, workshops, and intensives

If you have questions, please get in touch!

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