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Rope + More is an open skill share event for anyone interested in combining rope bondage with other, more-specific pursuits, including self-tying, acro-yoga, and similar skill sets.

Meets Regularly, Usually on Tuesday
Meets at Fallout (Richmond, VA)
Free Admission, Cost of Food/Drink

Questions? Check the FAQs or Contact Us!

Rope + More meetings focus on skill-share and practice, so there is no direct instruction. That said, all levels of experience and approaches to rope are welcome at these meetings, and there is usually someone present who will be able to help you if you’re wanting to learn a new skill.¬†Some activities are more dependent on a practice partner than others, and some require specific materials, so consider what you want to do when deciding what to bring.

At Rope + More meetings, you will typically find people practicing the following:

  • Self-Tying (aka “Top-Less Tying”) – for people who want to share their self-tying experience and skills
  • Acro-Shibari – for those looking to combine rope with acro-yoga or other athletic activities (like lyra, silks, etc.)
  • Rope Practice – for people who just want to practice their rope work with others in a shared space