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Queer/Femme Rope Share is a skill share event for anyone who identifies as a member of the LGBT+ community, with a special focus on creating a welcoming space for nonbinary, feminine-spectrum, and trans-feminine individuals. The goal of the event is to provide a positive, affirming space for individuals from that community to come together, share, and practice rope. We welcome any and all vetted members of the LGBT + community to attend.

Queer/Femme Rope Share meets one a month at a private location.

We ask that all participants make a $5 donation to cover the cost of the event space, if they are able. If not, please don’t let the fee keep you from attending.

Vetting is required to attend this event! Please come out to a few sessions of RVA Rope Bite prior to the Queer/Femme Rope Share you want to attend, and ask to speak to a Board member about vetting.

Can’t make it to Rope Bite, or interested in other ways of vetting? Please contact Alina (RVARope Board member) or Shaybert to be vetted for this event.

If you have questions, please get in touch!