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As frequent Rope Bite attendees well know, Kellie has been our regular bartender at Rope Bite events for years now. She’s always taken good care of us … welcoming to regulars and newbies alike, helpful with our setup, and full of kindness and/or sarcasm as needed.

Unfortunately, Kellie’s boyfriend, Brandon, has had to undergo surgery and is still in the hospital recovering (at the time of this writing). His admittance to the hospital was rather sudden, and without insurance, the bills are stacking up quickly. Not only are the medical bills due to arrive any day, but Kellie is going to be the sole earner for the household for the foreseeable future.

brandonCome out to help!

To try to help Kellie in this time of need, we’re asking the Rope Bite community to come together on Thursday, Sept. 22nd (our regular Rope Bite night) to have some fun and donate to the cause!

Help even if you can’t come out!

If you aren’t able to join us but would like to help, or if you’d just like some more background information on Brandon, please visit the GoFundMe link.

What’s happening at Rope Bite?

Obviously, the night will be a little different than normal. We’ll have some space reserved for general open tying and practice, but most of the main stage will be reserved for a variety of fund-raising events …

Selling Rope

We’ll have a few different rope options to buy, with the money going directly to the fund:

  • has graciously donated a spool of jute rope to the cause. As soon as it arrives, we will be cutting and processing that rope in preparation for the night, so we’ll have a number of processed hanks of rope to sell (8-meter hanks, 6mm wide).
  • Susuwatari is donating some hanks of Mocochine jute rope (8-meter hanks, 5.5mm wide).
  • NotAToaster is donating some hanks of black nylon rope (more details coming soon).

Human Piñata

We’re going to tie Bound Light into a ball, suspend her, and dangle some prizes from her. Pay to whack! (Money goes to the fund.) The prizes will include everything from candy to free rope to Fallout gift certificates and schwag!


We’ll have a number of amazing(ly stupid) rope-related contests with prizes for the winners. Pay to enter! (Money goes to the fund.) The prizes will include everything from candy to free rope to Fallout gift certificates and schwag!

Silent Auction

We’ll have some items and services to auction off, so come ready to do some bidding! (Proceeds go to the fund.) So far, auction items include:

  • brandon-techA hand-crafted creepy mask from _Ruckus_ / Carnival of Wicked Souls! If you’ve taken a browse through his gallery, you know he makes awesomely creepy and deranged masks. For this auction, he’s making one of his original designs, the “Camp Stalker.” Think Friday the 13th hockey mask, with more threat and a much better paint job. (value: $100; starting bid: $25)
  • A Thai bodywork session from AcroGinger! This 1.5 hour session is an excellent treatment for chronic pain, especially back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatica and injury recovery. It’s a full body healing session customized to the individual needs of each client. The practitioner uses their palms, elbows, knees and feet to focus on the space between muscles, stimulate acupressure points, and gently stretch the body allowing it to relax, open, and literally decompress. The Thai method traces and clears ten energy lines, which run along the fascia, covering all muscle groups and organs. Called “the moving meditation”, this intricate, fluid and intuitive cleansing series, promotes deep relaxation within the body and stillness within the mind while helping to alleviate all types of ailments, chronic pain and injuries, leaving you feeling calm, centered and reinvigorated. (value: $100-120; starting bid: $25)
  • Hand-crafted jewelry from Nina Luna! A multi-colored stone skull necklace & matching earrings set, with sterling silver clasp & ear wires. (value: $30; starting bid: $10)
  • Prints from Ma’iitsoh Yazhi and Bound Light, including a 16 x 24 print of Richmond from the Flood Wall (value: $85; starting bid: $20) and a few different-sized images featuring Bound Light in nature and/or rope (value: about $25 each; starting bid: $5).
  • A photoshoot with Ma’iitsoh Yazhi, that includes 2 hours of shooting, web-sized and full-sized images of selected and processed shots, and 1 12″ print. Photoshoot style of your choice (vanilla, fashion, nude art, or fetish) and a date and time to be arranged depending on the winning bidder’s schedule. (value: $150; starting bid: $25)
  • Private rope lessons with Ma’iitsoh Yazhi and Bound Light. All of our instruction is aimed at both tops and bottoms. We will meet with you to determine your current experience level and needs, then arrange a 2-hour block of instruction with you and a practice partner. All experience levels welcome. (value: $60; starting bid: $15)


What’s happening after Rope Bite?

If you can stick around after Rope Bite, there’s going to be a benefit variety show!

  • Bribe the DJ With DJ Scarey Pete
  • Belly Dancer – Lady Marah
  • Drag Performances by Fifi Fellacio and Bert Darling
  • ABC Burlesque by Murphy Lawless and Evie Enigma
  • Performance by Machine Chop In
  • Raffles
  • Games

Prizes for the games and raffles will include:

  • Fallout Giftcards
  • Bar Schwag
  • Salon Services by Amber S at Refuge for Men
  • Opening Night Haunt Tickets Donated by Kristen D
  • Show Tickets to Fallout
  • Official Bob Sunglasses
  • Cosplay Gear by Chiara Scuro
  • Steampunk Lighting and Jewelry by K & D Studios
  • and more!

Hope to see you there!

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