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We’re going to have a “This is RVA Rope” photo shoot on Saturday, February 11th before All Tied Up. We’d love it if all the participants of the RVA rope community came out to show off their ropey-ness in front of the camera.

Reserve Your Time Slot Now!

So what is this?

We will have three camera setups in place with the goal of creating a series of photos based on the phrase “This is RVA Rope!” In other words, we’d like to get shots of our RVA rope community doing something ropey. If you join us for Rope Bite, Rope + More (acro, self-tying, ec.) or Rope Study (even if you only make it out a few times per year), we’d love it if you’d join us.

We plan to take individual shots of singles or practice partners in rope or doing something ropey. Our goal is to showcase the variety of participants, approaches to rope, and skill levels in our community. So – no matter your type of rope or skill level – we hope you’ll join us.

The photographers will be:
* Buck_Remington
* _Ruckus_
* MaiitsohYazhi

What’s the plan?

Sign up for a time slot using the link above. You’ll have 20 minutes in front of the camera to do your thing (see below). After the necessary time to process the photos, you get some images and we use them to celebrate our community!

Who can do this?

We only have two criteria:
* You come to RVA Rope Bite, RVA Rope Study, or RVA Rope + More (acro-shibari, self-tying, etc.) at least a few times per year (or are new and plan to come at least that often)
* You do something rope-related in front of the camera (this isn’t a chance to get some free headshots)

Beyond that, everyone in the local rope community is welcomed and wanted: all genders, races, orientations, shapes, sizes, experience levels, flavors, spices, and types of rope practitioners!

What do I do?

You get in front of the camera and do something ropey! Then we shoot it!

And this doesn’t have to be serious, either. It can be. It can be serious or sexy or skilled or intense. But it can also be happy or flirty or goofy or fun. We’re looking for a range of “emotions” as much as anything else!

This could be a number of things:
* You wearing rope
* You doing some self-tying
* You tying someone(s) else
* You being tied by someone(s) else
* You … get the idea …

Remember that you only have 20 minutes, so you’ll want to spend some time preparing (and practicing) what you want to do so that we don’t waste any time during the shoot itself.

But I don’t know any fancy rope things!

That’s OK. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated, and as we’ve said … all experience levels and types of rope are welcome. If you enjoy wrapping someone in rope, get in front of the camera and wrap someone in rope! If you love putting double-coin knots all over your body, get yourself double-coin-knotted up and step in front of the camera! If you only know one tie, but you want to show it off, go for it!

I want to do it, but I don’t have a partner!

That’s OK, too. You’ve got three options:
* Try to find someone to join you before the shoot. We will try to help with this, as well, because it will free up more time slots. If you’re a single top or bottom who wants to participate, comment below and/or send us a message.
* Do some self-tying (tops can do this, too … you can top yourself!)
* We will try to arrange some “stand in” tops and bottoms who will either tie some rope on you or be willing to have some rope tied on them. In these cases the crop and focus for the shot will be on you, not the person doing the tying or being tied (respectively).

What will happen to these pics?

First of all, you will get a digital copy of every image we process from the shoot. (Note that this doesn’t mean “all pics” … it means the best images from each shoot that the photographer takes the time to fully process. You can expect 2 to 5 shots in most cases, but no guarantees.)

We plan to post the final images on Fetlife and on our RVA Rope Website as a way to celebrate our rope community. (So, they will be online.) We will credit you using whatever name you prefer (or list you as “anonymous”).

I want/need to hide my identity, though … is that OK?

YES! You can hide your identity by turning your head, using your hair to hide your face, or wearing a mask or blindfold. You can also use clothing or other means to conceal any identifying marks on your body. Finally, I will be able to remove most kinds of identifying marks in post production, and will be happy to do so if you tell him what they are.

In addition, we will not release ANY photo until you have had a chance to review it and either approve it or deny it. (If you decide not to let us release a photo, you will still get a copy.)

What can I wear?

The club will be closed, so … anything you want … or nothing at all.

Will there be any hair, make-up, or other styling assistance?

Probably not. (Unless some stylists see this post and volunteer to help! But best bet is to come with your look prepared.) But more importantly … you don’t need to look “styled” for this. We’re trying to highlight our community, not create a fashion magazine! 🙂

How many people can do this?

We have 24 time slots available, each 20 minutes long.

If you can partner with someone or form a small-group (no more than 4), that would also be helpful.

In any case: we will handle the sign-up on a first-come, first-served basis.

If the time slots are all full by the time you decide to sign up, message me and we will add you to the waiting list. It’s possible we might have some extra time at the end of the shoot if people take less than 20 minutes for their shoots.

Wanna help out in some way? Have questions?

If you’d like to help with the shoot itself (logistics, coordinating people, volunteer top or bottom, hair/make-up/styling help, etc.), please let me know. If you have questions, please send us a message.

Thanks everyone! we’re looking forward to it.

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