Hello there, ropey friends!
Have you heard the great news?
If not, we wanted to share!

As a part of our ongoing commitment to bring high-quality rope educators to Richmond, RVA Rope is happy to announce that M0co and Beemo are coming to Richmond the weekend of July 20th and 21st!
M0co and Beemo ‘s fetlife profiles can be found by clicking those hyperlinks. 
Both presenters bring with them a passion for teaching, performing, and rope!
We have had a lot of interest in this event, but there are still a few spots left for both tying pairs, and individuals that want to audit any of these workshops! Keep reading for more info!

About the Presenters:

M0co (he/him) and Beemo (she/her) hail from Baltimore’s booming rope community. Having found one another in late 2010, when Japanese-inspired rope bondage was a desolate wasteland of false facts, this duo has been honing their skills as rope top and bottom together.
Both Moco and Beemo have a passion for dynamic and challenging rope work as well as exploring the connection and energy exchange they share. As natural born story-tellers and entertainers (#StoryTimeWithBeemo) they take pride in their performances, from music choice, to props, to just being out and out ridiculous.
When they aren’t performing or teaching, you can see them at The Krakens’ Lair, a monthly play party that’s been going strong for over 5 years. Come check out these old bondage fossils and let ‘em learn ya a thing or two!

About the Workshops:

In order to be accessible to as many people as possible, the presenters are offering three separate classes that  are beginner to advanced in skill levels, that can each be purchased somewhat individually, or as an entire weekend.

Click on the Hyperlinks to be taken directly to the event page!

Day One: All Day Workshop for All Levels
Morning: Rope Handling 101: Handling it M0co Style
Afternoon: Rope Handling 201: Rope Handling in Patterns

Day Two: Morning Workshop and Afternoon Workshop for Intermediate Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Morning: Rope Handling 301: Rope Handling in Dynamic Movement
Afternoon: Master Class: Jazz Tying / Dynamic Transitions in Suspension

Pricing and Discounts:

If purchased as an entire weekend, the Sunday afternoon Master Class will be free to participate (if skill levels allow) or audit (open to everyone).

M0co will also be bringing some mocojute (jute rope) finished kits for sale, and a special discount will be available to anyone who  participates in the classes that weekend.

How to Register/Pay for the Event:

Please contact Sardonic  with any questions related to pricing, content, or for how to pay for the sessions you wish to attend!

Have Additional Questions? Need More Info? Not Sure Whether to Attend or Audit?

Feel free to DM Sardonic, Alina, or Beemo! All are happy to help.

We’re excited about these presenters and hope you are, too!
As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback!

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