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Rope Study will be offering its next round of classes this fall, starting in October. If you’re ready for an in-depth study of the fundamentals of rope bondage, these classes might be for you! The ultimate goal is to move people from rope enthusiasts to having a solid foundation that will allow them to attend other workshops, intensives, and rope events with understanding and confidence in their choices.

Apply Here!

The application deadline is September 22nd, so go check out the “apply” page for dates and times, more details, answers to frequently-asked questions, testimonials from former students, and of course, the application!

There are two courses available.

  • Rope 201: Fundamentals of Rope Bondage is a deep dive into understanding rope bondage from both sides: top and bottom. It’s great for those who have explored rope, know they enjoy it, and want to build a solid foundation of understanding and skills. It’s also great for those who have been practicing rope for a while but want to fill in the gaps, hone their fundamentals, and improve their rope experience.
  • Rope 301: Fundamentals of Suspension is designed for those who have been practicing rope for a while, are confident in their foundational skills, and are ready to explore suspension. Like 201, it’s designed for both tops and bottoms and will address everything from suspension hardware and anchor points to assessing ties for suspension to the wonders of partials to working through common suspension positions and transitions.

Visit Rope Study for more information or to ask questions!

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